An Indoor Rose Plant at Home

Roses are considered one of the most beautiful plants and so are very popular. Their varieties suitable for a home are quite capricious, though. But flower growers choose them for their attractive appearance anyway. Let us consider what kind of care indoor rose requires.

Indoor Rose Caring

The following conditions must be ensured for the plant:

  • the temperature not higher than +25°C in summer and +15°C in winter;
  • average humidity, achieved by frequent spraying;
  • neutral or slightly acidic soil;
  • placement on the east or south-east side;
  • watering in summer 2–3 times a week and 1 time a week in winter.

Caring for an indoor rose provides for ensuring the optimal conditions for the flower. Even though the plant is light-loving, it is better not to place it on the south side. It is not recommended to spray it during the flowering period.

After pruning and during the growth period, the plant needs to be fed with a balanced fertilizer at least twice a month. Mineral mixtures with phosphorus and potassium are required during the flowering. They need to be applied once a week.

Indoor Rose

Ornamental roses in pots require caring immediately after the purchase. To avoid problems, follow these steps:

  1. Remove the packaging wrapper as it disrupts air exchange.
  2. Remove all withered leaves, cut off dry or darkened shoots.
  3. Treat with insect repellents and an antifungal drug.
  4. Transplant the plant.

Experts recommend changing the flowerpot immediately after the purchase.

Pruning Roses

After a rose is purchased, its home caring provides for periodic pruning. The procedure is performed in late winter or early spring before the beginning of the vegetation period. After the rose blooms, it is necessary to remove all the branches with dry buds.

Caring for a rose in a pot implies its transplanting. It is recommended to do it no more than once every two years. If the plant is transplanted in the cold season, you need to make sure that the soil is at room temperature.

An indoor rose is quite capricious, but given the proper care, it will be able to please the owners with bright and beautiful flowers for a long time. It is necessary to monitor the room temperature and humidity. The secret of its long flowering consists in timely pruning. If you follow the recommendations of specialists, the plant will take root well in any home.