Pout perfection: lip tattoo business essentials

Plump and beautiful lips are an object of desire for many girls. This drives men crazy, causes envy in girlfriends, and gives the appearance of attractiveness. Unfortunately, not everyone can boast such a highlight, but this does not mean that the only way out for owners of thin lips – fillers. Today, giving lips volume and brightness will help with quality tattooing of lip blush in Melbourne.

This cosmetic procedure will visually increase the lips, make their color more expressive, and help hide shortcomings without painful injections. This solution is a great option for those tired of spending time on makeup daily, who are dissatisfied with their natural data and want to correct the existing asymmetry. Moreover, nowadays, it is possible to perform tattooing using different techniques, from a light contour drawing to creating the effect of lips fully painted with lipstick.

What is lip tattooing?

It is hard to find someone who has never heard of such a popular procedure as lip tattooing. It is a classic tattoo but with several significant differences. This type of permanent makeup is performed with natural coloring components, which are introduced at a shallower depth than when creating a standard tattoo. In addition, the effect after the service is less persistent than when applying a tattoo, which allows you to make it only for a certain period of lip tattoo time.

Lip tattoo is the introduction of natural dyes into the uppermost layers of the skin using a special device with the thinnest needle. The composition of the introduced pigments contains no flavorings, artificial preservatives, or other dangerous additives. The lip tattooing manual method involves introducing colored components into the epidermis at a depth of 0.3-0.8 mm, which allows you to achieve the most natural look and color and does not worry that it is forever. The hue gradually leaves the skin over 1-2 years.

Permanent lip makeup is performed for the following purposes:

  1. Correction of the size, shape, and color of the lips, enhancing their brightness and expressiveness;
  2. Visual Correction of scars and various defects;
  3. To create the effect of painted lips in girls with allergies to decorative cosmetics;
  4. To save time and money for daily makeup.
lip blush tattoo Melbourne
Lip blush tattoo

Modern lip tattooing procedure helps to look flawless in any situation and not worry about the stability of makeup during outdoor activities or sports. This is an indispensable solution for women with thin lips who dream of a seductive volume. In addition, this service is a great offer for ladies after 40 years of age whose lips lose their pronounced contour, rich color, and cherished plumpness.

How is lip tattooing done?

Modern permanent lip makeup is a detailed and accurate work that requires certain skills and a master’s experience. In addition, the key to the success of such a procedure is the correct preparation for it. A week before going to the specialist, it is recommended to refuse alcoholic beverages, blood-thinning drugs, and antihistamines; also, before the procedure, it is not recommended to consume too salty foods, energy, and coffee. Another important point is – the treatment of herpes manifestations, in which tattooing is contraindicated.

How long does lip tattooing last?

Everyone who decided to perform micropigmentation is interested in the question – what is the persistence of embedded pigments? The average period the coloring components will retain their intensity is 1-2 years. To extend this period, it is recommended that corrections be made or the lip tattooing updated periodically.