Planting of and Caring for Roses in Open Ground

Roses are considered one of the most popular garden flowers. But they are quite capricious and require a lot of attention. Let us consider what should the planting of and caring for roses in open ground consist in.

Roses: Planting and Caring in Open Ground

For this plant, it is necessary to choose a place, taking into account its characteristics. For a rose to grow and bloom, the following conditions must be ensured:

  • Direct sunlight falls on the place in the morning, and then the place is shaded. Roses love light, but if they are in the sun at noon or in the afternoon, the flowers may burn out and lose their decorative qualities.
  • Roses are planted in places where water does not accumulate. The level of underground water should not exceed 1 m. Otherwise, artificial mounds should be made for the bushes.

For those who like roses, care and cultivation of them in a garden are important. Therefore, one needs to follow the advice of experts about what one should take note of.


Growing Roses in Open Ground

Roses require watering every 7–10 days. For one bush, you need to spend 10–20 liters of water. It is better to water the flowers in the morning so that the water has time to soak into the soil without evaporating. When the temperature decreases, you need to gradually reduce both the volume of liquid and the frequency of watering.

If they follow the recommendations of specialists, growing and caring for the plant in open ground will not be a big problem for those who love roses. The plant needs organic and mineral fertilizers. They need to be alternated.

The rose needs pruning. Without this procedure, it will not bloom for a long time. It is necessary to remove dried or dead stems, flowers, and leaves from the plant. Compliance with the rules of caring for roses will allow you to enjoy a beautiful flowering for a long time — after all, it is justly considered the queen of flowers.