Caring for a Rose Bouquet at Home

Fresh flowers are considered a universal gift for any holiday. But they often wither just after a few days. For a bouquet to please as long as possible, you need to follow simple recommendations. Let’s consider them in more detail.

The Peculiarities of Caring for a Bouquet of Roses at Home

Before putting roses in a vase, it is necessary to release them from the packaging. After that, you will need to perform the following:

  • remove the leaves and thorns that will have to be in the water;
  • cut a few centimeters of the stem at an angle of 45 degrees;
  • fill the vase with liquid for 75%;
  • put the flowers in settled water.

It is recommended to cut the stem with a sharp knife. Experts do not advise using scissors, as they injure the stem.


What Kind of Water Should Be Used

For a bouquet, it is necessary to take boiled or settled water. It is recommended to change it daily. Caring for roses in a vase provides for frequent spraying.

If the bouquet was subject to long transportation, you should not immediately remove the packaging. It is necessary to let the flowers adapt to changes in the microclimate for 30–40 minutes. After that, it is recommended to place the bouquet in a large reservoir with water for 3–4 hours.

Additional Factors to Consider

Proper caring of cut roses at home provides for the selection of indoor temperature. It is best if a bouquet is placed in a room where the air does not warm up above 18 degrees. It is not allowed to place the vase next to heating devices.

When changing the water, it is recommended to wash the stems every time so that there are no putrefactive bacteria on them and cut them by 1–1,5 cm.

Compliance with these simple caring rules will allow you to significantly prolong the life of cut roses. It is necessary to periodically remove the withered leaves and flowers so that the bouquet will stand for a long time. Experts say that cut roses can stand in a vase for up to 3 weeks, provided they are cared for properly.