Business in Dubai

The UAE is a place of great opportunities for enterprising people from different countries. Opening a new business in Dubai is a good, profitable, and serious thing. Finding the perfect field does not guarantee you 100% success. However, you can make your company successful and efficient. To do this, you should begin with the strengths and weaknesses of opening a business in the Emirates.


  1. The total absence of income taxes.
  2. The lack of value-added tax when selling goods to countries outside the Persian Gulf region.
  3. Registration of business with foreign participation.
  4. No need for reports.
  5. Stable exchange rate.
  6. No exchange control so that you can cash out to any country.


  1. Lack of state regulation.
  2. The Windows system does not function correctly (the process of processing applications for services).
  3. Opening a bank account leads to a check lasting several months.
  4. Business needs to be transparent.

So, there are a few weaknesses — however, the strengths of blocking these issues. Now, we want to tell you what business you can start in Dubai.


Business in the Emirates

Emirates has an efficient economy. Moreover, they occupy one of the first places in the world in the convenience of taxation. We would like to identify the effective business options that you can start in Dubai:

  1. Product delivery service. It is a pretty profitable business despite the competitive factor. This is the presence of food delivery companies. This may be the best option for opening a new business.
  2. Own diving center. It is fascinating doing business, which has prospects. It would be best if you considered the large inflow of new tourists. There are a lot of interested ones so that this business can become efficient and quite profitable.
  3. Dog grooming salons. Careful care of our pets is essential, so running such a business will be a great solution. Moreover, this type of business is popular. The main factor is investing in a business that you should start with a license.
  4. Opening your own restaurant. Opening a restaurant is a very hard task, so you should have patience. The fact is that you will need many resources on the issue of money. You have to go through several steps and get documents. Moreover, this business is promising and profitable.
  5. Warehouse opening. Today, warehouses are famous because there is always a need to store things for a long time. This is a very profitable business.
  6. Opening of a new model agency. Your main task is to think through, prepare and provide services for models on a professional podium, in presentations, and in the field of promo photos or videos. This is a pretty promising idea if you still haven’t decided in what area and how to open your business in Dubai.
  7. Mehendi. The patterns on the body are trendy. These are drawings that experts create using henna. This is a powder that artisans make of henna leaves mixed with water. In Dubai, the given practice of applying patterns is pretty popular. Experts offer it in any beauty salon, so you should look at this option in the event that you decide to open such a business as a beauty salon.
  8. Real Estate Agency. You can create such an agency without difficulty. So you can get a license. For this, you should have plenty of money and a lot of experience. The fact is that there is a great contest in this field.

This is all we wanted to inform you about the types of businesses that are profitable in the Emirates. We hope that now, every beginner entrepreneur will find one effective field of business.