How do I move my business from offline to online?

Going online ─ is one of the proven options to keep a business in difficult economic conditions. But it can also be a good way to develop and expand operations. Online mode allows you to attract new customers from different regions and even countries. Any business, from the smallest to the top tier, can make the transition.

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Steps to move your business online

Here’s what you need to do to relocate your business to a digital environment.

Choose the best online business model

If you want to control everything yourself, you’re better off creating your own online site. But you can also contract with an existing site that will promote the site, process orders, deliver goods to customers or accept payments. It is up to you to make this decision.

Place on the site all necessary and relevant information

You should definitely put all the required information on the website. First of all, you ought to make sure that your web page includes your terms of use. Your client needs to know what they are dealing with.

It is also a good solution to leave contact information – so you will show that you are ready to discuss any questions that may arise. And, of course, we can not forget about filling the site content. The material should be of high quality and unique.

Business online

Configure the site design

When configuring the site, design can also act in different ways. The easiest of these, which do not require special financial and time costs – is to choose a ready-made template for the sites-builders. This will save time and labor costs for programmers and designers.

Organize courier delivery

Once the technical aspects are taken care of, it is necessary to think about how the customer will receive your product. The most common method today is by courier delivery. In this case, you can hire a courier yourself or cooperate with third-party courier services.

The main mistakes when moving your business online

Moved online? That’s great. But didn’t you make these common mistakes in the process?

  1. You didn’t analyze your competitors and target audience carefully enough in the new environment.
  2. You haven’t paid proper attention to the quality of the site – you need good design and usability (including the mobile version), as well as quality content and simple payment mechanisms to make the customer want to stay and buy the product.
  3. You have not automated all the processes – you need to work on automating everything: from the direct sale of goods to the work of the accounting department and analytics. The same goes for logistics: you need to make sure that delivery costs are minimal.
  4. You did not use all the available promotion channels online: this includes online advertising, content marketing, working with opinion leaders, newsletters, and the creation of quality content.

We analyzed how large companies behaved while moving their business into the online niche. If you follow these tips, you’ll do well.