Mountain Laurel and Where to Plant It

This beautiful flower from the heather family does not require much space. Its bushes usually grow straight and very slowly. Although there are flowers whose height can reach three meters, there are also a large number of varieties that remain small with a maximum height of one meter. This is why they are especially suitable for small gardens. This plant prefers shaded areas and goes well with rhododendrons or azaleas in the garden, whose flowers combine almost imperceptibly.

The Mountain Laurel grows both in the open sun and in shady places. However, it is best to avoid scorching sun combined with reflective light from large windows on the south or southwest walls of the house. In the shade, the charming flowers lose their bright color.

Tips for planting Mountain Laurels:

  • Lighting requirements: sunny or partially shaded places;
  • Choose a place protected from the wind;
  • You can plant them separately or several at a time;
  • The flowers go well with azaleas or rhododendrons;
  • Can be grown in containers.

Mountain laurel, also known as laurel rose for its beautiful flowers, grows primarily in the mountain forests of North America. There, the height of an evergreen bush can reach five meters. Unfortunately, in our latitudes, it does not reach such heights. In May, its dark red buds form dense umbrellas at the tops of the shoots, which is very pleasing to the eye. During the flowering phase, the cup-shaped flowers change their pink color to bright red or white.