Magic Kinder: magic gaming world with roses and houses

Magic Kinder is a gaming universe, which both adults and children will like. Even though there is the word «Kinder» in the name, no popular chocolate products are meant here. Moreover, the utility does not contain any advertisements and does not offer to buy anything.

Magic Kinder was designed to allow parents and children to:

  • learn and play interesting games with elements of augmented reality
  • complete tasks for child development
  • draw
  • watch videos, etc.

Magic Kinder’s abilities

Creating magic kinder app, the designers understood that education in a playful way is the best way to teach children and help them to develop essential skills. That’s why a lot of effort was spent to design the app with captivating and educational content. Apart from the fact that here children can spend time to good use on their own, they can also complete tasks and watch videos with their parents.

The idea of Magic Kinder is as follows. There’s some virtual world, which is called WORLD OF FANTASY. The inhabitants of the world are kind people who have been happy and carefree for a long time. But then a trouble occurs, and the entire population of the world is out the virtual universe, in reality. And now the inhabitants of the WORLD OF FANTASY need to overcome lots of obstacles with children’s and parents’ help to get back home.

If you are going to download free android app Magic Kinder, be ready for exciting adventures, which will definitely immerse you into a virtual world thanks to augmented reality elements. Completing the tasks a child masters spelling, learns to identify colors and solve simple math tasks in an easy and captivating manner.

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The gameplay has harmonically woven things such as:

  • videos, dances, karaoke
  • physical exercises
  • phased, interactive, free drawing
  • exploring the earth with quizzes and narrating interesting facts

Before downloading apk for android and installing Magic Kinder you must know that the bulk of the content is available without internet connection.

And when a child is playing and developing, adults can pay attention to Beer Buddy app. The utility shows your friends what you are doing to join you if they want.