Personal Experience of Dealing with Aphids on Roses

Hello, dear gardening lovers. We all love our gardens and always try to improve them and make them as beautiful as possible. And one of the best ways to do this is to plant it with a variety of flowers: roses, lavender, tulips, and so on.

But growing them is not so easy, because flowers are also subject to pest attacks. Roses are especially sensitive to them. In the spring they can be attacked by aphids. These dangerous insects easily suck out all the sap from the plant and often infect it with a fungus.

I used to face this problem a lot. Sometimes these insects destroyed all roses in a matter of days and I had to quickly replant them so that they bloom in the summer.
But for the past few years, aphids have not bothered me. I worked out my own method of dealing with them, which turned out to be very effective.

Dealing with Aphids on Roses

First of all, if you want to avoid damage to the sprout, you need to act quickly. To make roses bloom beautifully in summer, you need to choose only the strongest and largest sprouts in spring. Try to choose roses with good root systems and sturdy stems, as they are less likely to be infected and wither away from aphids.

Even if their colonies have already settled on your roses, do not panic. Buy a good hose, you can even use a high-pressure sink, after reducing the water pressure in it. Wash the aphids off the roses, and just crush the remaining ones. Aphids are dangerous only while they are on plants. When they hit the ground, natural enemies quickly eat them up.

To prevent further infection, you should also treat the flowers with soapy water. It is completely safe and will not harm them. To prepare it, take 3-5 tablespoons of soap chips and a liter of water. But only lye soap will work, do not use scented bars. Dissolve them in water and spray the leaves and buds with the solution.
These simple tips will make it easy for you to get rid of pests.