September Rose Care. How to Prepare Roses for Winter

September is not only the time for the first frost, fallen leaves, and romantic moods. For gardeners, autumn is the end of the season, which can be as difficult as the beginning. In the autumn, they have to actively work on their gardens, remove the remnants of the crop, improve the territory, and also cultivate and prepare the soil for the next spring.

Moreover, this applies not only to the garden itself but also to the area around the house, where many different flowers usually grow. An experienced gardener will also take care of flowers, so that next year they bloom well for almost the entire season.

I also have a large rose garden. This year it pleased me and my neighbors with a lush bloom. I managed to achieve this only by hard work, which we will talk about today.

Rose Care

It is especially important to take care of roses in autumn so that the plant can survive the winter and strengthen its root system. From my experience, I know that first of all, you need to remove the faded buds. The seeds that form in them take a lot of strength and energy from the plant.

It is important to distract the rose from reproduction and make it form roots and gain strength before winter. You need to remove the branch in the place where the lateral branches with buds are located. Leave about 2-3 leaves at the bottom.

Also, make sure that there is no soil crust and fallen flowers with leaves around the stems. They can hide pests and infections that will harm the entire garden a year later.

Do not forget about fertilizing. This must be done not only in May but also in autumn, to fill the plant with useful components and make it more resistant to diseases and frost. Usually, I use potassium-phosphorus fertilizers for this. But you can save money if you add an ordinary solution of wood ash to the root.
As you can see, it is not so difficult to take care of roses in the autumn period. If you do everything correctly, then in the spring you will get a large number of buds and lush flowers.