What interesting facts about roses are worth showing in the video

When the average person hears the mention of roses, in all likelihood, they think of a beautiful bouquet of these flowers, which are presented to loved ones in honor of various celebrations. But roses have many other interesting uses as well.

And some of the unusual facts about this variety of flowers are worthy of being written about, talked about, and filmed video. The latter format is especially relevant now when video hosting and social networks with support for short video clips have firmly gained people’s attention.

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For example, it is not a problem to find USB endoscope camera software with a couple of clicks. But back to roses. It turns out that this flower is mentioned in ancient books, it can be taken in the food, and it is rich in vitamin C. And that’s not all the interesting facts.

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Top interesting facts about roses

  1. The largest size rose was grown in sunny California. The diameter of its flowers is 83 centimeters, and the leaves have a beautiful shade of pink. They called this huge bush the White Lady Banksia. It can now be found in Arizona, where it has completely braided a 2.7 square mile arbor.
  2. The oldest rose bush on the planet is now a thousand years old. And it is located in Germany. The bush rises along the wall of a cathedral in Hildesheim. And in the relevant documents, the fact of the presence of the rose is recorded as early as 815. There is even a beautiful legend that says that the well-being of Hildesheim depends on the state of the rose. By the way, in 1945, the city was bombed, which destroyed the cathedral. But the roots of the bush survived, and when the rubble was cleared away, the rose bloomed again. Even now, photographers come here to take pictures of this miracle. Photo lovers, by the way, need to know that their cameras need to be carefully monitored. And those who prefer Canon should download Eos Info for this purpose. The program will allow you to keep track of important changes in the device, will point out the wear and tear of individual parts, etc.
  3. The most expensive rose variety in the world is called Juliette. It was bred by David Austin, who spent 15 years and about $5 million on it.
  4. Sometimes, you can see a black rose in videos and pictures. But you should know that such a shade in roses does not exist in nature. And those flowers that occasionally come into the frame actually have petals of a very dark bard color. And that is why they appear to be black.
  5. Roses can reach an impressive height. At this point, there is evidence of a 7-foot bush.
  6. There are over 100 varieties of roses registered in the world today.
  7. The rosehip is the fruit of the rose bush. It is usually red in color, but there are varieties that produce black or dark purple berries. Rosehips are high in vitamin C and have a pleasant taste, which is why they are often used in the production of marmalades, jellies, and jams.
  8. Roses have been used for the home decoration since ancient Rome. And back then, there was such a concept as talking under a rose. It was believed that everything said back then should be kept in the strictest confidence.
  9. Roses have existed on the planet for a long time. Archaeologists have encountered fossilized flowers that are 36 million years old.
  10. The largest rose garden in the world is in Italy. And it has more than 7.5 thousand different varieties of roses.