uFlowers for iPad: optimise care for roses and other flowers

Every person who grows flowers at home on a flower bed or in flower pots knows that it is important to provide them with proper care promptly. The fact is that flowers need watering, fertilisation, spraying, loosening of the ground, monitoring of the condition and other care. If you have one pot in your house or in the yard is one bush of roses, then you will easily cope with this situation. However, if we have many plants, you will surely get tired of the hassle.

To help hobbyists and professionals, mobile software developers have released a very useful application called uFlowers. You can find it both in the App Store and in specialised directories. The second ones deserve special attention because they often find an iPhone or iPad app that the official store does not have.

And if you know how to bypass the restrictions that Apple sets, you can change the functionality of your gadget. Thus fans of various interesting video content can make a StrymTV download or search for Apple TV Screeners. And this is only a small fraction of what specialised websites offer users. These are sites that analyse, describe and offer users a free download of many useful mobile programs. But we will talk about uFlowers.

General features of the uFlowers

  1. The size of the mobile application is quite modest and is less than 70 MB.
  2. Developer Studio: United Softhouse.
  3. Price: 2 USD.
  4. iOS support: from version 8 and above.
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Care for roses

This app is simple and inexpensive. Also, it has many useful tools that we want to tell you more about here. You will not find any difficulty in interacting with this program as its developers have created this application specifically for those people who know their task and are willing to use smartphone programs with use and pleasure.

Tools of the uFlowers

After installing this program, the first thing that users see is a wide range of plants that are added to the uFlowers database. The range of flowers and other plants that this program will help you care for is constantly expanding. In addition, if the user does not find some plant, but wants it to be, he can always write about it to the developers. As the reviews of uFlowers show, there is a lot of attention paid to feedback from users. And so each request is quickly fulfilled.

Once you find the right plant in the section called «My Flowers», you can add it to your catalogue by setting and changing the desired parameters. So, with the standard photo of roses used by the program, you will be able to replace your unique one. Once you add the right plant, this program offers to mark the last day of watering, spraying and fertilising. The user will see recommendations on how often to do this for a particular plant.

Once you have collected all the necessary information, uFlowers will start to remind you in time that a plant requires appropriate attention. After that, you will not be able to worry that any of the vases or bushes of the rose on the garden plot will not be in time to be fertilised.

uFlowers reminders appear in the form of push messages, so you can’t miss them. In addition, this program is synchronised with the smartphone calendar. That is why you can open it and see what procedures you will perform with your roses or other flowers in the coming days. This is especially useful if the house has many different plants or if growing roses is your source of income.

In this article, we describe only the main features of the uFlowers. In fact, it contains many other useful parameters that will appeal to those users who love plants and want to care for them properly. Once you start using this program, your indoor and garden plants will feel healthier. At the same time, you will have more free time and will be able to organise your working hours with flowers. This is why these programs are so important for modern users.