Varieties of Roses

The rose is rightfully considered one of the most beautiful flowers. The number of varieties of this plant is amazing. Types of roses are classified according to the external characteristics and peculiarities of cultivation. Let’s consider the specifics of the flower’s classification.

Rose Varieties for a Garden

Gardeners identify several main categories of roses. These include:

  • park;
  • remontant;
  • hybrid tea;
  • polyantha;
  • floribunda;
  • miniflora;
  • climbing;
  • shrub, etc.

Novice gardeners often wonder how many rose types exist. There are more than 15,000 varieties of them in the world. They differ from each other in the bud’s shape, color, stem height, and other qualities. Let’s take a closer look at the most popular varieties of roses.


Features of the Rose Varieties

Park types of roses are usually applied to decorate streets and squares. They are resistant to low temperatures and easy-to-care. The bush height can reach 1–2 m.  This category includes such varieties as Grootendorst and Ritausma.

A distinctive feature of remontant roses lies in the fact that they bloom several times per season. They are frost-resistant. This kind includes such varieties of roses as Georg Arends, Paul Neyron, and Hugh Dickson.

Miniflora roses are distinguished by an attractive appearance. A bush usually does not exceed a height of 40 cm. It has small buds of various shades. These roses are grown not only on the street but also at home. They can bloom almost all year round.

The way of determining the rose variety often causes difficulties for beginners. One of the most popular kinds is hybrid tea. They are easy to identify by their appearance. A bush reaches a height of up to 1 m. The plant has straight, strong stems with single buds on them. The variety of shades is amazing — the color can be from pale white to maroon. The plant lasts for a long time after it is cut, so these varieties are often grown for bouquets.

Floribunda roses are similar to the hybrid tea ones, but they are more often found in inflorescences. The plants of this variety can bloom for several months. They are resistant to diseases and low temperatures.

Roses strikes one with their variety. Thanks to its beauty and fineness, this flower can become a decoration of any plot or flower bed. The beginners can choose less capricious plants that require minimal care.