Preparing Roses for Winter: What, When and How?

Hello to all my subscribers! I will never believe you if you say that there is not at least one rose planted in your garden. Everyone loves these beautiful flowers, and I planted a whole rose garden near my house. I have already talked about this in one of my previous articles.

This year, flowers have faded much earlier than last. I decided to take care of them in the first weeks of October so that the roses could survive the winter and delight me for many years to come. Remember that preparing plants for winter is a very troublesome process that requires certain knowledge and experience. Today I will share with you my secrets so that your flowers bloom well and do not die.

I recommend starting preparations for winter during the onset of cold weather. The temperature during the day shouldn’t rise above 10 degrees so that the sprouts do not begin to grow and develop. First, clean up the soil around the roots in the rose garden.


There should be no branches, fallen leaves or petals near them. They are an excellent wintering place for various pests and infections that can easily damage your plantings. That is why you need to remove them at the very beginning.

After that, prepare the sprouts for winter. Cut off all the branches almost to the root to prevent the death of flowers. Do not worry about them, just leave about 10cm and remove the rest.

The third stage of preparation is mulching the bushes with humus. This will help you preserve the root system from severe frosts. In the spring, this compost will be an excellent fertilizer to improve the growth of flowers.

Mulching is best done at temperatures no higher than 20 degrees. Be sure to keep track of the weather so as not to miss the daytime frosts, or it will be too late to mulch the bushes.

As you can see, it is quite easy to save roses and protect them from frost. The main thing is to monitor the temperature and remember about taking care of the flowers.