Properties and features of the damask rose

Damask rose is an ornamental plant known since ancient times. Its petals are used for medical purposes and cosmetology. The distinctive feature of this flower is its unrivaled, subtle pink fragrance.

Damask rose is used in many different spheres. It is used to make rose oil, jam, tea, water, sweets and soap. Products made from this plant are of excellent quality, because the rose has a rich fragrance.

Damask rose oil is one of the most expensive products. It is used in perfumes, alcoholic beverages and food flavorings. The oil has a therapeutic effect, it soothes and relieves stress. Rose water is used in cooking and cosmetology. It is one of the best anti-aging ingredients. Rose petals are used to make wine, marmalade, jelly or jam as well as herbal teas.

Cosmetic features

Damask rose essential oil, hydrolat and wax are used in cosmetology. It is used to make masks, tonics and other facial products. Damask rose has the following cosmetic properties:

  • smoothes wrinkles;
  • has a positive effect on dry skin, eliminates irritation and peeling;
  • makes the facial tone even and beautiful;
  • rejuvenates;
  • eliminates couperose and visible vascularity;
  • helps to form a homogeneous skin tone;
  • relieves swelling and puffiness of the eyelids;
  • removes dark circles under the eyes.

Damask rose-based products are also used in cosmetics to care for normal, dry and combination hair types.

Healing features

Damask rose has been used for medicinal purposes since ancient times. With the help of this plant various diseases and disorders were treated. It has the following medicinal effects:

  • It normalizes sleep.
  • It has wound healing and antiseptic action. It’s used for the treatment of skin diseases, herpes, periodontal disease, and sore throat.
  • It eliminates allergic reactions.
  • It normalizes the endocrine system.
  • It normalizes blood pressure, rhythm and pulse rate. Eliminates vascular spasms, stimulates coronary circulation.
  • It has a beneficial effect on the digestive system. Heals the mucous membranes, eliminates the lack of enzymes and dysbacteriosis.
  • It has a moderate choleretic effect.
  • It has anticarcinogenic and radioprotective properties.
  • It has a beneficial effect on women’s health. It relieves pain during menstruation, restores the menstrual cycle. Restores the ideal vaginal microflora, so the plant is used in the treatment of vaginitis and thrush.
  • It has a positive effect on the nervous system. It tones, relieves nervous tension and improves psycho-emotional state.
  • It normalizes the sweat glands. Reduces excessive sweating. In pediatrics it is used as a remedy for diaper rash.

It is worth noting that only specially grown roses have beneficial properties. Store-bought flowers cannot be used for making cosmetics and medicines because they are treated with chemicals.