How many roses are traditionally gifted?

Rose is rightly considered the most beautiful and graceful flower. That’s why it is often used in bouquets. A large variety of shades and types help to make unique compositions for all occasions.

Number of roses in a bouquet: the meaning

Of great importance for the composition of the bouquet is not only the shade of the petals, but also the number of roses in the bouquet:

  • One rose would be appropriate to present on a first date. It is a symbol of incipient feelings.
  • Three rosebuds is a classic. This number of flowers can be given for any occasion.
  • Bouquet of five roses can be gifted when you want to wish happiness. Such a number is appropriate to present on birthdays or weddings.
  • Seven roses. In many cultures this number symbolizes good luck. Such bouquets are given when a person wants to propose to a woman.
  • A bouquet of nine roses symbolizes reconciliation, so you can give it to a close friend or loved one as an apology.
  • A composition of 11 roses can be given as a wedding anniversary gift.
  • 15 roses mean devotion. The bouquet is perfect as a gift for a celebration for a loved one.
  • Bouquet of 21 roses. In numerology this number is associated with the mystical power of love. Such a composition is appropriate to give to the most beloved person.
  • 25 roses are given when people want to express the most serious intentions. The bouquet will be appropriate during the confession of feelings. Also the composition can be given as a gift on any anniversary.
  • Bouquet of 33 roses. The symbolic number is given mainly on birthdays to people celebrating such a date.  It means a wish for a long and happy life.
  • Composition of 101 roses. Such a bouquet is presented in exceptional cases. It is an expression of absolute love.

Roses can be gifted in any quantity. The main thing is that the number should be odd. It can be one flower or a huge bouquet. It all depends on the occasion and the wishes of the giver.

The best number is from 3 to 25 roses in a bouquet. Such a composition will be appropriate as a gift for any festive event. Traditionally, from 1 to 3 roses can be presented to a person as a sign of respect. A bouquet with 5 to 7 flowers will show admiration and recognition of the giver. Compositions of 9, 11, 15, 17, 19 or 21 roses are presented when a person wants to express his love, devotion and loyalty. Such a number of flowers men give to their beloved women.

Bouquets of 25 to 27 roses are appropriate to present for different anniversaries, including wedding anniversary. And the composition of 101 or more flowers can express the most sincere feelings.

Basically, the number of roses in the bouquet is determined by the giver himself, depending on his preferences and financial possibilities. The main thing is to put all your feelings into the composition.