An Indoor Rose Plant at Home

Roses are considered one of the most beautiful plants and so are very popular. Their varieties suitable for a home are quite capricious, though. But flower growers choose them for their attractive appearance anyway. Let us consider what kind of care indoor rose requires. Indoor Rose Caring The following conditions must be ensured for the […]

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Varieties of Roses

The rose is rightfully considered one of the most beautiful flowers. The number of varieties of this plant is amazing. Types of roses are classified according to the external characteristics and peculiarities of cultivation. Let’s consider the specifics of the flower’s classification. Rose Varieties for a Garden Gardeners identify several main categories of roses. These […]

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Mountain Laurel Soil Requirements

A beautiful flowering Mountain Laurel bush is not very picky. Humus-rich, well-drained and slightly acidic soil is usually enough for its healthy growth. However, this plant is not well adapted to extreme soil conditions. An important factor for its growth is moist, but well-drained soil. In general, the Mountain Laurel is unpretentious and tolerates drought […]

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Characteristics of the Hawaiian Rose

Hawaiian rose, Argyreia Nervosa, or Hawaiian baby woodrose is a perennial plant of the bindweed family, a liana with amazingly beautiful inflorescences of various colors. Each inflorescence forms a fruit containing one to four seeds. Although the plant is native to the Indian Peninsula, it actively grows in many different regions: Asia, Australia, Africa, the […]

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